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For many years I have been grappling with the idea of how best to present responsible and sustainable investing to the public. I know that assessing environmental, social and governance ESG factors on top of more traditional financial analysis offers investors a better chance of more sustainable returns. Somehow, however, this message doesn’t always really engage with you, the client. However I would challenge you to consider responsible, sustainable investing from another angle.

I want you to consider ‘ What Money Means To You’ This is not a question that you will probably be able to answer straight away nor should you. It is designed to make you sit back and think. What implications does that question have ? For example

  • It could mean’ how could money help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.( Don’t back away from these they should be things that you really desire. )
  • Money could be a kind of comfort blanket making you and your family feel more secure.
  • It might improve your self -esteem by being a reward for what you do
  • or it might be a means for you to make your mark on the world or leave a particular legacy.

Whatever it means for you, and there is likely to be a mixture of factors, these are likely to be the driving factors that influence your financial choices. Going back to responsible investing I think a lot more doors can be opened by investors and their advisers following this approach.

Here are some thoughts. I

have come across a number of people in their 40’s and 50’s who really want to explore the world when they retire.  By now their kids are starting to become independent and they now have developed the experience and thirst to really embrace travel. They have a much better understanding of the cultures and environments they are travelling to. Responsible investing that pays respect to environmental and social issues would sit very nicely here.

Looking at my own situation I have a strong feeling of wanting my children, 21 and 20 respectively now, to be in a position to contribute positively to the world and enjoy benefits of a safe and optimistic future society. I also have a strong sense of wanting to leave this type of legacy for them.I am certainly not on my own here and have come across a number of people with similar aspirations. An explanation of ESG analysis used in responsible investing is likely to have far more impact once this has been established.

And because there is an ever growing diversity of funds within this space the likelihood is that there will be a fund which will dovetail brilliantly with your objectives and values.

So before discounting ethical /responsible investing as some far-out niche investment that is beyond your comprehension just consider what is really important to you and it might be a lot more accessible than you think.

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